Fraud & Unfair Practices

Cases involving fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, or unfair and deceptive acts or practices differ from typical business disputes because they often involve punitive or treble damages and, on occasion, successful claims for attorneys’ fees. We handle these cases on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. In appropriate situations, we will do so on a contingent fee.

While most business transactions are conducted openly and honestly, some are not. While most people who serve as fiduciaries—like trustees, executors, board members, and investment advisors—conduct themselves honorably, some do not.

When we represent people and companies whose trust has been betrayed, we do so aggressively, ferreting out the specifics necessary to support claims of fraud and similar misconduct so our clients can be compensated. When we represent parties unjustly accused of such misconduct, we defend them with similar vigor.

In recent years, we have prosecuted or defended these claims in many contexts.

Here are some examples:

  • multiple matters involving stockbrokers and investment advisors
  • multiple matters involving the purchase of private placements
  • a case over an officer’s misappropriation of rights and opportunities belonging to his corporation
  • a case arising out of the making of a film
  • a case involving an allegedly exclusive international sales agency agreement with a company in Columbia
  • a case involving the operation of a printing business
  • cases brought by unit owners in a planned development against the developer