Financial Adviser Negligence & Securities Disputes

For years now, we have represented both investors and financial professionals in disputes about investments. We bring and defend these cases in federal courts, in state courts, and before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA. Our securities litigation practice is recognized by Best Lawyers® (2021 Regional Tier 1), and both of the firm’s members, Andy Penry and Neil Riemann, are individually recognized as well.

We focus our efforts in this area on large cases involving individual investors. We typically take cases for investors on a contingent fee, where we are reimbursed monthly for advanced expenses and disbursements we make on the claimant’s behalf but receive no compensation unless we win. We also defend investor cases on behalf of registered investment advisors, registered representatives of brokerage firms, introducing broker-dealers, and clearing broker-dealers.

Some investor cases involve fraud, which arises where there is an intentional misrepresentation or failure to disclose an important fact. Frauds include scams like “Ponzi Schemes” and “Pump and Dump” operations, where everyone appears to get rich but the gains are illusory and short-lived. Other fraud cases involve “churning,” or excessive and unnecessary trading to generate commissions, or unauthorized trades, which financial professionals make for a variety of reasons.

Other investor cases involve negligence, or malpractice. In these cases, the financial professional gives poor advice, which the investor follows to her detriment, or fails to execute trades properly, causing a loss.

Other Representation of Financial Professionals

While we focus our securities litigation efforts on individual investor cases, we also handle other matters for our financial professional clients. These other matters include regulatory enforcement actions, coverage disputes, broker defection matters, and the provision of advice on data privacy and security. These matters are discussed in connection with our other practice areas.